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13th march 2016

Hi Everyone
Firstly can I say how sorry I am that it has taken me so long to get to writing this for the web site , but for those of you that know how the last 6 months have been for me will understand the reasons why…

Sarah's Backing Tracks are available to buy at the store!

Check out the new single from Hurricane Highway which Sarah is playing on.

More to follow…

I have been very proud to be a Peavey Endorsee now for over 15 Years, playing both their guitars and amps. They give me great performance time and time again, whether it be the Nashville 112 amps, the Jack Daniels Acoustics, or the powerslide. I never have to worry about their reliability gig after gig after gig, and thats what you need as a musician.
Sarah X

I use the Sarah Jory Signature Series on my Pedal Steel because they very rarely break and the tone lasts and lasts, giving me that bell like tone which I love on my Steel.
Sarah X

I have been with Wolfgang and WBS Steels now for a few years and I am totally in love with the Twinneck and two singleneck E9th D 10 Guitars I have. They are resilient, they stay in tune and the tone and depth of the quality of sound is superb. They are built to the very highest specification and are made in Germany with love and care. I would recommend these Guitars to anyone and everyone. I absolutely love them.
Sarah X

I endorse now the San Lorenzo Black lady lap steel guitars , so light in weight , but a massive heavy weight in the tone department !! For more info put up their web site link!